Hydroponic farming is a soil-less form of agriculture which uses very less water only up to 10% that of traditional farming, plants can be grown anywhere in any type of environment even the desert, outer space, underground anywhere, and also where there is no sunlight, it can be grown with the help of artificial fluorescent lighting where there is no sunlight, hydroponic farming gives two times the yield of compared to traditional farming per hectare of land and it also gives 2 X speed of growth rate with no use of any chemicals, pesticides, insecticides etc, only thing hydroponic farming needed is the nutrient solution which is mixed with water and supplied directly to the plant.

Hydroponic farming can be done indoors as well as an outdoor but the indoor method of farming suits the best because a lot of things can be controlled when it comes to indoor such as climate can be controlled and can be made such that it best suits to the plant growth, pesticides can be eliminated and insects can also be stopped destroying crops by stopping them to enter the indoor zone where the crop is planted.

By maintaining the temperature and climatic conditions we can achieve the best yield as well as very high growth rate and we can also produce the vegetables and fruits which are unseasonal at any time of the year by maintaining right climatic conditions for that crop needed.

Soil and the water are the biggest problems for the modern day agriculture as there is huge growth in demand for the vegetables, with hydroponic farming most of the fruits and vegetables eliminate the use of soil to grow healthy, by eliminating soil from the picture now it is possible to grow any fruit and vegetable on any part of the world.

The next main important thing is water due to the rapid growth in the human population there is growing scarcity of water, so as to irrigate only a small piece of land in traditional farming we need tons of water which makes it impossible to meet such a high demand of water to grow crops, this issue can only be solved by hydroponic farming as it only uses 10% of water as compared to traditional farming, so what we require is a very small amount of water and here no water gets wasted each and every drop of water is utilized efficiently.

Most of the land on earth is unsuitable for farming may it is due to the human civilization or the lager part of the land doesn’t have a water source for the plants growing, either it can be the dessert of the near to our city, the land suitable for the agriculture is very less, we urgently need an alternative for the traditional agriculture which could be hydroponic farming.

Hydroponic farming is not in the experimental stage anymore, many developed countries have started adopting hydroponic farming in the larger scale as to meet the growing food demand of the people.

you can also grow your own vegetables at home with a small setup of hydroponic farming it will not cost you much, but it will be worth spending some money to grow your own vegetables at home rather than buying chemical based vegetable from the market.

This is how HYDRO VEGIE will help you to setup your own hydroponic farm at your home by providing all the information you needed to have a setup at your home and start growing vegetables for yourself.

It is not a had job to grow vegetables at home as it is with maintaining a garden in home, you will not spend much time gowning vegetables hydroponic setup make it simple for you just on and off a switch once in a day, that is all you need to do to grow vegetables at your home with hydroponic farming.